Spring District

Bellevue, WA

The Spring District is a 36-acre redevelopment site in Bellevue. Since 2007, JMJ TEAM staff has provided civil engineering and planning on this BelRed catalyst project. Services include facilitation of multiple disciplines on the project team; coordination with the City of Bellevue staff and reviewers; engineering of public and private utilities and site infrastructure; technical documentation; owner representation; land use planning; permitting and construction administration. JMJ TEAM worked with the developer and City of Bellevue to develop and establish a stormwater treatment approach for the entire district, which is implemented phase-by-phase. In addition, JMJ TEAM provides a phased State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review for each phase of development, coordinates Master Development Plan submittals with the architect and facilitates civil engineering plans and permits. Buildings and infrastructure currently under design and construction within the Spring District include Buildings 6, 16 and 24 for Facebook, the Retail Pavilion and Building 5. The Retail Pavilion features a plaza with station access to the below-grade Sound Transit Spring Station, requiring close coordination with the Sound Transit design team.

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©2021 JMJ TEAM. All Rights Reserved.



©2021 JMJ TEAM. All Rights Reserved.


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