Sanitary Sewer Connection Surveys

Sumner and Pacfic, WA

JMJ TEAM has performed sanitary sewer connection surveys for the Cities of Sumner of Pacific. The goal of the surveys is to identify cross-connections to the cities’ sewer systems to reduce unnecessary flows to the treatment plant. JMJ TEAM begins this “smoke testing” by coordinating with city staff and performing public outreach, discussions with residents and businesses. JMJ TEAM staff perform the field testing; compile the data; and perform an analysis of the test results. We use a GPS device to accurately map each cross-connection and prepare a comprehensive report including maps, field reports and photos. Many issues have been identified in the field that, when corrected, will save significant stormwater from being unnecessarily treated. The cities use this report data to follow-up with residents and business owners to fix cross-connections. In addition, JMJ TEAM helped the City of Sumner identify potential Stormwater CIP projects for the city to undertake.