Sanitary Sewer Connection Survey

Sumner, WA

JMJ TEAM performed a sanitary sewer connection survey of the entire city of Sumner. The goal of the survey is to identify cross-connections to the city’s sewer system to reduce unnecessary flows to the treatment plant. JMJ TEAM coordinated with city staff and performed public outreach, including door hangers and discussions with residents and businesses. JMJ TEAM staff performed field testing with city public works staff; data compilation; and a thorough results analysis. We used a GPS device to accurately map each cross-connection and prepared a comprehensive report including maps, field reports and photos. The city is using this data to follow-up with residents and business owners to fix cross-connections. In addition, JMJ TEAM helped the city identify potential Stormwater CIP projects for the city to undertake.



Mailing Address:

PO Box 2066
Sumner, WA 98390 



©2019 JMJ TEAM. All Rights Reserved.



©2019 JMJ TEAM. All Rights Reserved.


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