Project Facilitation: Our dedicated team of professionals has the ability to lead a project through the development process by strategizing land development options; collaborating with other disciplines to vision final development; determining the path to permitting for land use; facilitating plans, reports and other technical documents; and leading the consultant team to respond to jurisdictional requests and comments. JMJ TEAM provides project facilitation services on both public and private projects for land owners, public agencies, and developers.

Civil Engineering: At JMJ TEAM, our engineers and designers offer expertise in various skills, including civil design, low impact development, site infrastructure and construction administration. Our client-driven culture ensures delivery of high quality products, prompt response, and value added services.

Planning: JMJ TEAM provides a variety of planning services that include feasibility studies, environmental documentation, land use planning, permitting and site entitlements. Our knowledgeable team of planners and project managers help drive projects to completion and exceeds client expectation.

Project Types
JMJ TEAM provide services in wide range of project types.